The new look ECC website goes live!

Evening all.

After a few beverages very important meeting in the local hostelry this evening, Eastry Cricket Club are pleased to announce the all new, spangly and fantastic website!

What is new I hear you ask??!!

Well, for starters, each member of the committee will have access to updating the website (committee members will be contacted with details in due course) which will mean more content, regular match reports, fixture updates and news hot off the press. For micro-blogging fans there is and ECC twitter feed, you can subscribe to an RSS feed to have all the updates delivered into your inbox and the site is fully searchable should you need to look up some old info. You can post comments after each item posted on the website and start conversations with other users. In short, the new site is much more user-friendly and hopefully it will be used more regularly than the previous incarnation.

Also please note there is an Upcoming Fixtures/Dates panel on the right of the new website – fairly self explanatory – it will give info on the next 5 important dates and fixtures that are in the ECC calendar.

The Availability tool is also included and updated and will hopefully be used more regularly to help the captains with their team selection each week.

The address for the website remains the same –

If you still see the old website please refresh your browser and this should bring up the new look site. You may notice a small change in the web address displayed in the new site but this is purely an administrative thing and the old address will still be fine to use.

We hope you enjoy the new ECC online experience and here’s to a great 2011 season!




Eastry Cricket Club

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  1. There’s still a little bit of snagging work to be done – multi-browser users will notice some slight differences in some of the colour schemes but don’t worry, I’m working on getting the code right so it will look the same across all platforms.

    Also, I forgot to mention that the site supports mobile use so those of you with an iPhone, blackberry or an Android OS will be able to access a mobile friendly version of the site.

    The colour schemes have now be re-coded so the site should look the same in all browsers…I hope!

  2. (I’m not too sure if you got my earlier comment – it seemed to disappear before I had finished. Maybe I was going on a bit, who knows!
    Anyway, just in case it didn’t get through, I was saying how good it all looked and what a fine job has been done. I don’t understand all the technical stuff (which I agree is a bit like my knowledge of the LBW rule!) but it definitely hits the sweet spot. Dead in line and on a perfect length, so there’s no way with Pheeby at the receiving end I could possibly put my finger up. This site is here to stay!
    Thanks for the link to the Laws of Cricket – I must remember to do a bit of brushing up before the first match. Not sure what that date is but hopefully I’m sure the Fixtures link will prove invaluable.
    Once again well done – Eastry C C Rules. OK! Howsat!

  3. Me again!
    What the heck does ‘Your comment is awaiting moderation’ mean! My comments were well considered and from the heart!
    You’re definitely OUT!

    1. Ah, out for a duck! :p

      A user’s first ever comment will be held in a moderation queue for approval, once that gets through you’ll be able to comment freely. It is a device to stop evil spammers and rude people! ๐Ÿ™‚

      Once you are approved you are approved for life….unless you get dis-approved of course! ๐Ÿ˜‰

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